20/20Proof Best of 2003 Volume 1

Artist Song
The Rapture  House Of Jealous Lovers 
Junior Senior  Move Your Feet 
The New Pornographers  From Blown Speakers 
Blondie  Good Boys 
Outkast  Hey Ya 
Polysics  Making Sense 
Electric Six  I'm The Bomb 
Spymob  It Gets me Going 
Fountains Of Wayne  Hey Julie 
Atmosphere  National Disgrace 
The Exploding Hearts  Sleeping Aides And Razor Blades 
The Kills  Cat Claw 
Martina Topley-Bird  Too Tough To Die 
Northern State  The Man's Dollar 
Pretty Girls Make Graves  Chemical Chemical 
The Libertines  The Good Old Days 
Belle And Sebastian  Roy Walker 
Idlewild  Live In A Hiding Place 
The Dandy Warhols  You Were The Last High 
R.E.M.  Bad Day 


This is the first volume of my top 40 songs that I have chosen for 2003. I am going to be listing these songs as well as the top 40 albums of the year in my new zine, 20/20Proof. Check it out at http://www.2020proof.org It shall be in print soon. Feel free to email for a copy or to reserve one.


Date: 12/19/2003
Is it just me, or were Outkast and The New Pornographers made to make it onto the same mix, in some sort of tripped out way? Nice job!
Rob Conroy
Date: 4/14/2004
Looks cool, Peter.