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ronckers in dub

Artist Song
anthony red rose  tempo 
oneida  rose + licorice 
jah wobble + holger czukay  how much are they? 
conroy smith  original sound 
generation x  wild dub 
the clash  bankrobber (dub version) 
little john  fade away 
killing joke  turn to red 
red beat  red beat 
the chromatics  dna 
public image ltd  death disco 
vivien goldman  private armies (dub) 
king asha  crank angle part 2 
section 25  after image 
david holmes  slashers revenge 
pere ubu  dub housing 
grace jones  private life (dub) 


made for a friend who was asking about that "wild dub: dread meets punk rocker uptown" compilation that came out a while ago. i sold it back, but still had some tracks lying around. so i fleshed out the carcass with some tubby-produced, mildly electro sounding dub and some other odds and ends that seemed to balance out the vibe nicely. there's a hidden track after the grace jones dub, but i have no idea what it is. anybody know what that's about? update: i took out the hidden track at the last minute and added in the chromatics track. why? because i had accidentally labeled it "death disco" when making the mix and ended up liking it on there when i discovered my mistake.


Date: 12/18/2003
pretty fucking fantastic! amazing clash, killing joke, pil, holmes and pere ubu picks especially.
Rob Conroy
Date: 12/18/2003
Looks great. Toss it on...