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Cassette | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Mixed Genre
Cassette | Alternative - Indie Rock

I Got the Hots for You

Side A
Artist Song
Thingy  Cut 
Jonathan Richman  I Like Gumby 
Emitt Rhodes  Fresh as a Daisy 
Mirah  La Familia 
The New Pornographers  The Laws Have Changed 
Eugene McDaniels (as Gene McDaniels)  Tower of Strength 
Jenny Toomey and Calexico  Tempting 
The Beatles  Martha My Dear 
Labi Siffre  I Got The... 
The Soft Boys  Kingdom of Love 
Dismemberment Plan  Do the Standing Still 
Shelley DuVall   He Needs Me (from "Popeye") 
The Kinks  Do You Remember Walter? 
The Kinks  Picture Book 
The Kinks  Starstruck 
clip from "what difference does it make?" The Smiths   
Side B
The Beatles  You Never Give me Your Money 
Prince and the Revolution  Do U Lie? 
Prince and the Revolution  Kiss 
Blackalicious  Blazing Arrow 
The Velvet Underground  Cool It Down 
Andrew Bird's Bowl of Fire  Nuthinduan Waltz 
The Cars  My Best Friend's Girl 
Sly and the Family Stone  Stand! 
Piggy  Money is King 
Evolution Control Committee/Public Enemy  Rebel Without a Pause 
Beastie Boys  Sounds of Science 
Elliott Smith  Figure 8 
The Unicorns  I Don't Wanna Die 
The Dvine Comedy  National Express 
The Velvet Underground  Oh! Sweet Nuthin' 


no theme. tried to make the best mixtape ever made (within a 1 mile radius of my house, that is) for Amanda the Impaler. i love you!!!!

would you care for a lump of steak?


Date: 1/12/2004
Jenny Toomey + "National Express" = Music-ee Goodness!