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Hands Across America (with guns) [Act Three]

Artist Song
The Mountain Goats  See America Right 
Yo La Tengo  From a Motel 6 
Guided by Voices  I Am a Scientist 
Les Angles Morts  Still Frame, Burning Film 
Death Cab For Cutie  Lowell, MA 
Add N to (X)  Kingdom of Shades 
Primal Scream  If They Move, Kill 'Em 
The Black Heart Procession  It's a crime I never told you about the diamonds in your eyes 
U2  Happiness is a Warm Gun [Beatles cover] 
Sonic Youth  Tom Violence 
Pop Will Eat Itself  Get the Girl and Kill the Baddies 
Smog  Cold Blooded Old Times 
John Vanderslice  Bill Gates Must Die 
Built to Spill  Stab 
Sparklehorse  The Hatchet Song 
Modest Mouse  The Stars are Projectors 
Siouxsie and the Banshees  Cities in Dust 
The Mountain Goats  Going to Georgia 


This is the third and final disc of an epic cyberpunk-roadtrip-apocalyptic-tarantino-gunfest-"freedom-loving peoples versus Microsoft"-romantic-sci-fi-action mix I put together for a friend. Basic story outline follows below.

Act Three

[Beginning on a bus heading to Atlanta, and otherwise taking place in Massachusetts.]

In which they reunite and arrive in Massachusetts, only to find it in flames. They are ambushed and taken to Gates.

Ignoring Gates' maniachal ego ravings, Pizza Guy looks deep into the eyes of the woman from the FCC. A wordless signal passes between them, and they synchronize their actions in one of those mass melee things you always see where the heros break their bonds and kill all the heavily armed guys around them. But the FCC agent is incapacitated by one of Gates' lieutenants, who carries her with them as they flee through the secret complex, with Pizza Guy in hot pursuit.

Finally he corners them and dispatches Gates. His partner, revived, sends a signal to deactivate the machines, after which they enjoy a tender moment atop one of Gates' now deactivated massive radio dishes. Then they go to Georgia, where the FCC woman has a nice little house way out in the country.


All three discs are packaged in a gatefold jacket built of cardstock disc mailers and wrapped in the artwork below. The images below are the exterior cover and the art pages of the disc three booklet, which also contains a pair of onionskin pages on which the storyline and tracklist are printed.
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