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Hands Across America (with guns) [Act Two]

Artist Song
Sonic Youth  Skip Tracer 
Matmos  The Struggle Against Unreality 
Wilco  Ashes of American Flags 
PJ Harvey  Highway 61 Revisited [Bob Dylan cover] 
Slint  Carol 
Cat Power  Werewolf 
Songs: Ohia  The Body Burned Away 
The Black Heart Procession  Fingerprints 
Guided By Voices  Portable Men's Society 
John Cale  Mercenaries (Ready for War) [live] 
Laika and the Cosmonauts  Six Seconds in Dallas 
Los Lobos  Navajas Attacks 
Magazine  Shot by Both Sides 
Primal Scream  Kowalski 
Dave Edmunds  Crawling from the Wreckage 
Red Elvises  Boogie on the Beach 
Pavement  Trigger Cut 
Trembling Blue Stars  Under Lock and Key 
The Mountain Goats  Oceanographer's Choice 


This is the second of three discs of an epic cyberpunk-roadtrip-apocalyptic-tarantino-gunfest-"freedom-loving peoples versus Microsoft"-romantic-sci-fi-action mix I put together for a friend. Basic story outline follows below.

Act Two

[Beginning in Omaha, continuing south along the Mississippi, turning west to Texas and then burning rubber east to Florida]

The pizza guy wakes up in an empty box car on a siding in Omaha, unhurt except for a massive headache. Picking himself up, he breaks into an ATM, and then acquires a car and heads south to Texas, where he knows some people. Camping beside the Mississippi in Missouri, he's attacked by one of the killing machines. He's able to kill it, but detectives find his fingerprints and connect them to what went down in Los Angeles and Omaha. He manages to escape a run-in with the cops and continues south to Dallas, where he hooks up with some old acquaintances who can give him more information on the woman if he lends his gun to help them kidnap the President of Texas, who has the control codes to the world's oil pipelines implanted in his finger.

The kidnapping goes badly wrong and ends in a massacre of the Texan Presidential Ball. Pizza Guy flees eastward, outfoxing a massive car chase by police from four states and various federal and corporate hitmen (who think he's in possession of some of the killing technology), becoming an underground folk hero in the process due to media coverage of the event [tips hat to the film Vanishing Point]. He is finally cornered and taken into custody on a Florida beach by the militant wing of the FCC.

He wakes up in an interrogation room, across the table from the woman from act one. It turns out she's an FCC agent who had been attempting to infiltrate the massive conspiracy developing these technological terror machines with the aim of world domination. Their leader? The criminal mastermind himself, Bill Gates. They enjoy a night together before she heads to Atlanta on business connected with her new job as Gates' personal assistant. Pizza guy is to meet her there in a couple days, before they drive to Boston for the final battle.


All three discs are packaged in a gatefold jacket built of cardstock disc mailers and wrapped in the artwork below. The images below are the exterior cover and the art pages of the disc two booklet, which also contains a pair of onionskin pages on which the storyline and tracklist are printed.
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Date: 12/20/2003
Another excellent installment. I love that Red Elvises track.