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Hands Across America (with guns) [Act One]

Artist Song
Neil Alan  Pizza Pizza Pizza Pie 
Sonic Youth  Computer Age [Neil Young cover] 
The Decemberists  Los Angeles, I'm Yours 
The Black Heart Procession  Destroying the City of Hearts 
Erase Errata  Delivery 
Add N to (X)  Invasion of the Polaroid People 
The Flaming Lips  You have to be joking (Autopsy of the Devil's Brain) 
The Postal Service  Suddenly Everything Has Changed [Flaming Lips cover] 
Hot Hot Heat  Get In or Get Out 
They Might Be Giants  (She was a) Hotel Detective 
John Zorn  A Shot in the Dark 
Exhaust  Two Years on Welfare 
Quasimoto  Welcome to Violence 
Guided By Voices  I'll Replace You With Machines 
Calexico  The Book and the Canal 
Bob Dylan  Slow Train Coming 
The Magnetic Fields  Heroes [David Bowie cover] 
Scud Mountain Boys  Freight of Fire 
The Bellrays  Voodoo Train 
The Pixies  There Goes My Gun 
Radar Bros.  You've Been Hired 
Nancy Sinatra  Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down) 


This is the first of three discs of an epic cyberpunk-roadtrip-apocalyptic-tarantino-gunfest-"freedom-loving peoples versus Microsoft"-romantic-sci-fi-action mix I put together for a friend. Basic story outline follows below.

Act One

[Los Angeles, then the Northern Oregon wilderness, the year 2015.]

In which we meet the main character, a pizza delivery driver [tips hat to Neal Stephenson's cyberpunk classic Snow Crash], who witnesses some sort of crazy technological killing machine loosed in a L.A. neighbourhood, with horrifying results. Only his great driving saves him from certain death, but his car is totalled. He's interviewed by the police, who don't believe him, then this incredible, gunslinging woman, who's some sort of investigator/secret agent (she's vague on the details), seeks him out. She has been pursuing the people building these weapons for some time. Reluctant at first to get any further involved in this mess, Pizza Guy agrees to help her when she appeals to his need to avenge the loss of his delivery vehicle. Acting on information she acquires, they raid a local warehouse and find some evidence of this new technology, including a promotional video [represented by Quasimoto's "Welcome to Violence" track] demonstrating its capabilities. But most of the technology has already been cleared out, and is on a freight train headed north to Washington State.

They get ahead of the train and shoot their way aboard, at which point the woman apparently switches sides and shoots the pizza guy in the head.


All three discs are packaged in a gatefold jacket built of cardstock disc mailers and wrapped in the artwork below. The images below are the exterior cover and the art pages of the disc one booklet, which also contains a pair of onionskin pages on which the storyline and tracklist are printed.
image for mix


Date: 12/18/2003
Looks quite ambitious. A hearty round of applause for that. I'll have to investigate these further a bit later in the month when things have slowed down. Congrats on the project.
Date: 12/19/2003
Ditto Steve. Great art work. Something special!
Date: 12/20/2003
Excellent set of mixes- great narrative story, great art. Bravo.