Tim Jenkins

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Artist Song
Simpson's Clip  Grandpa Simpson -  
The Postal Service  Brand New Colony 
Hot Rod Circuit  At Nature's Mercy 
The Get Up Kids  10 Minutes 
Dashboard Confessional  Hands Down 
The Jealous Sound  Anxious Arms 
Reggie & the Full Effect  Mood 4 Luv (featuring Fluxuation) 
Mae  Soundtrack to Our Movie 
The Ataris  I O U One Galaxy 
Junction 18  June and the Ocean 
The June Spirit  Subject to Change 
Onelinedrawing  Bitte Ein Kuss 
Yellowcard  Only One 
Jimmy Eat World  The Most Beautiful Thing 
Copeland  Testing the Strong Ones (non-lp version) 
At the Close of Every Day  High School Lovers USA 
Coldplay  Warning Signs 
The Rocking Horse Winner  When Song Birds Sing 
Brandtson  In a Word 
Ben Folds  The Luckiest 


i made this for my g/f for christmas. i think she is totally amazing, and since we live in different citiess and wouldn't be seeing eachother over the holidays, i wanted to give her something to remind her how i feel. I hope this does the trick.

now that it is sent.. if i were to do this again.. i would augment two songs into it somehow:
*rise against - swing life away
*watashi wa - with love from me to you
probably getting rid of the jimmy eat world song.. and maybe another.. i don't know.. but those two definitely need to be on there.


Date: 12/21/2003
I love "warning sign" so much. I am going to check into this as I am also in a long distance thing.
jeremy duke
Date: 12/21/2003
seems like a popular idea around the holidays. nice mix!
Date: 12/21/2003
Aw, beautiful! I especially like the Dashboard, Yellowcard, Jimmy Eat World, Ataris, Ben Folds....BIG fan of this mix.