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Xiao Wei's Post Xmas/Hanukkah Party MIX

Artist Song
Cake  Short Skirt Long Jacket 
Counting Crows  Long December 
The Simpsons  Mr. Sparkle Theme 
MC Hawking  What Need More of is Science 
Echo the Bunnymen  The Killing Moon 
Abbot Presley  Bullseye Girl 
Aaliyah  Are You that Somebody 
PokTmon  Misty's Song 
Megumi Hayashibara  Tamashi no Rufuran 
Pheobe Buffay  The Two of Them Kissed Last Night 
Bic Runga  Sway 
Yoko Kanno  Ask DNA 
Deng Li Jun  Yue Liang Dai Biao Wo De Xing 
Weezer  Undone- The Sweater Song 
They Might Be Giants  Boss of Me 
Mandy Moore  Stupid Cupid 
Coco Lee  All Tied Up in You 
Spiritualized  Ladies and Gentlemen We are Floating in Space 
Vicki Zhao  Sha La La 
Gary Jules  Mad World 
Various Artists  Zui Jin Bi Jiao Fan 


Hello, children. I have made a mix! It's been a long, long time. Anyway, this is for XW and it is the randomest mix EVER. Yay.
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Cherry Lee
Date: 12/22/2003
yes, britney spears. coz she looks sooooooooo silly on the pic. :)