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2003: The Year of Cilantro

Artist Song
Kahimi Karie  Kahimi Karie et Moi (KKKKKK) 
Stereolab  Les Yper-Sound (Emperor Tomato Ketchup) 
Marty Robbins  Singing the Blues (Columbia Country Classics Vol. 4) 
Poco  Pickin Up the Pieces (Columbia Country Classics Vol. 5) 
The Skydiggers  All of Our Dreaming (Bitter Sweet Harmony) 
B'ehl  Sorry For Being Such a Crappy Friend (Syrup & Gasoline Vol. 1) 
Mike O'Neill  Tell All Your Kin (Syrup & Gasoline Vol. 2) 
Bruce McCulloch  The Hangover Chronicles (Drunk Baby Project) 
The Salteens  You Stood Out from the Crowd (Let Go of Your Bad Days) 
Manitoba  Hendrix with KO (Up In Flames) 
Soul Coughing  Casiotone Nation - Live (Lust In Phaze) 
Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks  Water and a Seat (Pig Lib) 
The New Pornographers  The End of Medicine (Electric Version) 
Dressy Bessy  Little TV (Pink Hearts Yellow Moons) 
Mr. Scruff  Valley of the Sausages (Trouser Jazz) 
Casino Vs. Japan  It's Very Sunny (Go Hawaii) 
Four Tet  Glue of the World (Pause) 
The Super Friendz  Take the Stars (Love Energy) 
Gordon Downie  Trick Rider (Coke Machine Glow) 
Boy  French Diplomacy (Self-Titled) 
Sloan  Fade Away (Action Pact) 
Delerium  Run For It (Chimera) 
Keb' Mo'  Am I Wrong (Martin Scorsese Presents) 
Kitchens & Bathrooms  Untitled (Vehicles Beyond) 
Hawksley Workman  Even An Ugly Man (Lover/Fighter) 
Young and Sexy  Oh My Love (Life Through One Speaker) 
Jason Plumb  Need You To See (Under and Over) 
Joel Plaskett Emergency  Work Out Fine (Truthfully Truthfully) 


We should start making herb-related horoscopes, we really should. This mix is one song off every album I bought this year in strict chronological order. (Unfortunately, about 7-8 tracks have to be omitted to fit onto an 80 minute disc.) My self-imposed ban from music stores really helped with my runaway music addiction; I think this is my least prolific year to date.

Best CD of the lot: Manitoba - Up In Flames

Disappointments: Casino Vs. Japan, Kitchens & Bathrooms, Young & Sexy

Best find: Kahimi Karie at a used CD store for $8

Next albums to get: The Decemberists, No Luck Club


Date: 12/23/2003
Well done.
DJ Lunch Boy
Date: 2/4/2004
You have much, much more self-control than I do, vis-a-vis CD purchasing.