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Artist Song
Mogwai  Christmas Song 
The Walkmen  The Blizzard of '96 
Stereolab  Come and Play in the Milky Night 
Bright Eyes  A Song To Pass The Time 
Sparklehorse  Gold Day 
Belle & Sebastian  There's Too Much Love 
The Starlight Mints  Sir Prize 
Bright Eyes  From A Balance Beam 
Mogwai  May Nothing But Happiness Come Through Your Door 
Bright Eyes  Blue Christmas 
Phantom Planet  Winter Wonderland 


This is a mix a made to give all my family members as part of their Christmas present this year. I customized the cover of each CD by using photos of that person when they were younger.
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Minnesota Sorta Nice
Date: 12/27/2003
Did the same sort of thing...hope it went over well. From the heart, right? Merry Christmas and such. :-)