driving over to your house::songs for the quiet cowgirl

Side A
Artist Song
vending machines  window display 
built to spill  girl 
mountain goats  no children 
decemberists  legionnaires lament 
bright eyes  bowl of oranges 
neutral milk hotel  holland, 1945 
tripping daisys  sonicbloom 
camper von beethovan  all her favorite fruits 
of montreal  it's a very starry night 
lenola  driving over to your house 
magnetic fields  take ecstacy with me 
modest mouse  medication 
golden smog  pecan pie 
Side B
the clientele  reflections after hane 
belle and sebastian  beautiful 
big star  thirteen 
the microphones  glow pt. 2 
velvet underground  venus in furs 
new order  ceremony 
the fall  l.a. 
liz phair  hero 
guided by voices  learning to hunt 
the beatles  across the universe 
shins  new slang 
elliott smith   needle in the hay 


a mix for: someone I can talk to, someone I don't have to talk to.

lips circle like satellites
image for mix


this mix should play like love. i have a crush on side a.
It's all for Marcy
Date: 12/26/2003
I have a crush on both sides.
Date: 12/27/2003
Ooh, this is beautiful. Also, I think I'd like to be a quiet cowgirl myself. Good title.
Date: 12/28/2003
hot damn. some of the most lovely songs by mt. goats, microphones, modest mouse, big star, clientele...oh i need to stop, it's all good.
Date: 7/5/2005
great mix