dressed up like a tramp from your head to your toes.

Side A
Artist Song
liz phair  six foot one 
the butchies  movies movies 
the shins  girl inform me 
ryan adams   la cienega just smiled 
the white stripes  now mary 
the au pairs  come again (live) 
sleater-kinney  one beat 
the velvet underground  what goes on 
phranc  the handsome cabin boy 
the geraldine fibbers  mary 
smog   dress sexy at my funeral 
the sonics  night time is the right time 
russ williams orchestra  my sugar is so refined 
peggy lee  you fascinate me so. 
Side B
quasi  it's raining 
the kinks  ...worrying 'bout that girl 
frances gall  teenie weenie boppie 
cat power  nude as the news 
the gossip  fire/sign 
the specials   little bitch 
yo la tengo  tom courtenay 
mirah  mount st helens 
dear nora + mates of state  girl from the north country 
the hollies  bus stop 
built to spill  big dipper 
the jam  the great depression 
kaia  jasper 
team dresch  remember who you are. 


for someone requesting a mix for a long time. finally finished and hoping it was worth the wait.


Date: 12/30/2003
Great mix. That's one of my fav. Liz Phair songs
Minnesota Sorta Nice
Date: 1/1/2004
JessicaR's right-- Liz Phair tune from b4 she sold out--wonderful. The Smog tune is a winner as well. This is obviously a well-thought-out mix.
Date: 1/1/2004
This looks worth the wait to me. I'm with Jessica on the L Phair tune and Phranc...nice.