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God Damn! The Pirate's Life for Me!

Side A
Artist Song
the Decemberists  the Shanty for Arethusa 
the Flaming Lips  the Gash 
the Unicorns  Tuff Ghost 
Cream  Tales of Brave Ulysses 
the Mountain Goats  Jenny 
the White Stripes  Seven Nation Army 
Neutral Milk Hotel  Ghost 
British Sea Power  Remember Me 
the Exploding Hearts  Throwaway Style 
Creation  Making Time 
the Kinks  Everybody's Gonna be Happy 
the Shins  So Says I 
Of Montreal  A Collection of Poems about Water 
Pirates of the Caribbean Clip  the day you almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow and fight music 
Neutral Milk Hotel  Three Peaches 
Side B
Pirates Clip  beginning music to girl singing  
the Decemberists  Legionnaire's Lament 
Radiohead  the Trickster 
the Strokes  12:51 
the Smiths  This Charming Man 
the Clean  Tally Ho 
Hot Hot Heat  Bandages 
the Faint  Posed to Death 
Outkast  B.O.B. 
Enon  Pleasure Privilege 
Joan Jett and the Black Hearts  Bad Reputation 
the Beastie Boys  Sabotage 
Herbie Hancock clip  beginning of Watermelon Man 
Beach Boys  Surf's Up and clip (You're under arrest!) from Heroes and Villains 
Langley Schools Music Project  Band on the Run (Cover) 
Pirates Clip  Some sort of high‑toned and fancy affair up at the fort... 
Pavement (No More Kings) clip  Rockin', rollin', splishin', splashin', over the horizon, what could it be? 
Pirates Clip  It's the black pearl... leaves no survivors... 
New Pornographers clip  And this day which began as execution day... 


It's the New Year's Eve 2003 Pirate Party Mix, inspired by the incredible Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean. The ultimate goal = don't alienate the audience completely! Songs about pirates, ghosts, fighting, sailing, and songs that just feel ferocious or lonely like someone who's married to the sea. Has it's fair share of the Decemberists and Neutral Milk because their gritty voices and sad tales (and Colin Meloy's pirate accordians) fit perfectly. Some songs (like Seven Nation Army, with the marching skeletons in the video) just reminded me of the movie (skeleton pirates). Halfway through each side I'd get fatigued and put in old favorites and hopefully party pleasers (because we all know pirates like dancing). The second side seems to me like a battle with tons of cannon explosions. It ends rather abrubtly, with Brian Wilson's piece for the aftermath and ultimate capture of our pirate hero. The children sing about his escape from jail, and then I got clip-happy to fill up the last few seconds of the tape. All done from mp3 to tape via some chord I found that fit the two holes. Complete with the sound of aim going offline accidently. This will be in the cool room while "Baby got Back" plays for the thousandth time for the lame-o room.


Eleanor Rigby
Date: 11/19/2004
I'm sad that when Art of the mix broke down, it lost all the wonderful comments for this my most commented-on mix