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Come Waste Your Time With Me

Artist Song
The Grateful Dead  Scarlet Begonias (live) 
Phish  Waste 
Modest Mouse  Gravity Rides Everything 
Broken Social Scene  Pacific Theme 
Jimi Hendrix  Red House (live) 
Crowded House  Don't Dream It's Over 
Nuetral Milk Hotel  Song Against Sex 
Phish  Roses Are Free 
Sublime  Santeria 
Mad Caddies  Drinking for 11 
Modest Mouse  Jesus Christ Was An Only Child 
Led Zeppelin  Going to California 
Phish  Prince Caspian 


So far this is just a playlist . . . I'm trying to catch that feeling of driving to the beach at noon and coming home at midnight. Lazy, more country than I would usually go for, but it might turn out good when I warp it to a CD. Sorry for the abundance of Phish if you don't like them, they fit the theme really well. And it's just about as long as it takes to get to the beach. =) Enjoy. And leave me some feedback, I'd like to know what everyone thinks of it.


Date: 3/11/2005
Great Mix, although you really have to tap into the amazing world of live phish songs, based on your mixes i think you would really enjoy it. jimi hendrix playing red house is sick.