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CD | Theme - Depression
CD | Mixed Genre
CD | Mixed Genre

Singing In The New Year

Artist Song
Office Space Quote  PC Load Letter 
They Might Be Giants  S-E-X-X-Y 
Outkast  Ms. Jackson 
The Four Tops  Sugar Pie, Honey Bunch 
Blessid Union of Souls  Light In Your Eyes 
Better than Ezra  Desperately Wanting 
Counting Crows  Anna Begins 
A New Found Glory  The Glory of Love 
The Cars  Just What I Needed 
Barenaked Ladies  Another Postcard 
Yellowcard  Underdog 
Josh Kelley  Amazing 
Dave Matthews Band  Satellite 
Jason Mraz  You and I Both 
Jack Johnson  Flake 
Maroon 5  This Love 
Something Corporate  Me and the Moon 
Silent Bob  Chasing Amy Speech 
Lisa Loeb  Stay 
Miles Davis  Blue in Green 


My New Year's Eve was an interesting experience. I took a wonderful girl out to eat fondue, and the drive out there takes around 40 minutes. I made up a CD of some of her favorites as well as some personal choices that I figured she would enjoy. The night was going great before midnight...I would put it up there with any of my best New Year's experiences up until then. After midnight, the shenanigans that took place made me feel foolish for even bothering to get excited about the evening. Unfortunately a spectacular evening came undone in a couple of hours...but I post the mix anyway to remember the feeling I had before things went awry. How things keep managing to get screwed up for me continues to amaze.