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Driving, anyone?

Artist Song
The Beatles  Drive My Car 
Barenaked Ladies  In The Car 
The Cure  Mint Car 
Phish  Cars, Trucks, Buses 
Pedro The Lion  Big Trucks 
Tsunami Bomb  Headlights on a Hand Grenade 
Phish  Contact 
Cake  The Land of Race Car Ya Ya's 
Radiohead  Stupid Cars 
Nick Drake  Pink Moon 
Phish  Driver 


First post of 2004 =) All of these are just cute songs I like with the word 'car' in the title, or about cars, or having to do with parts of cars (Headlights on a hand grenade) . . . but I think I got carried away with the theme and didn't pay enough attention to music considering towards the end I started putting on some stuff I'd never heard just becuase it fit the "cars" theme . . . =/ And the Nick Drake song is on there becuase it was on a Cabrio commercial ;-) I am sneaky .. .


Date: 3/22/2004
you need to add "Cars" or "Here in My Car" (whatever it's called) by Gary Numan