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Cassette | Mixed Genre

she looks like the real thing, she tastes like the real thing

Side A
Artist Song
Red Hot Chili Peppers  Under the Bridge  
Radiohead  The Bends  
Everclear  Strawberry  
The Posies  Everybody is a Fucking Liar  
Simon and Garfunkel  I Am a Rock 
Pete Krebs  Dressed to the 9's 
Modest Mouse  Shit Luck  
Radiohead  Fake Plastic Trees  
Pulp  The Fear  
The Posies  Throwaway  
Pavement  Shady Lane 
The Loud Family  Not Expecting Both Contempo and Casual 
Elliott Smith  Everything Means Nothing to Me  
Side B
Everclear  Summerland  
The Magnetic Fields  Absolutely Cuckoo  
The Promise Ring  Skips a Beat (Over You)  
Pavement  Spit on a Stranger  
Oasis  Wonderwall  
The Promise Ring  Happiness is all the Rage  
The Beatles  Don't Let Me Down  
Garbage  Stupid Girl  
Radiohead  Just (You Do It to Yourself) 
Elliott Smith  Easy Way Out  
The Cure  Mint Car  
Travis  Happy  
The Monkees  I'm a Believer  
The Eels  Grace Kelly Blues 


I made this tape to chronicle past events of my life. The past few months were horrible; i found out horrible, disillusioning, life-changing things. Then i met my boyfriend and yes, all the cliches are true, i was saved by love. i called side a "disillusion" and side b "salvation." I ended the tape with the eels, with e singing "but me, i'm feeling pretty good as of now. i'm not quite sure when i got here or how. sun melting the fake smile away, i think you know i'll be ok." and i am definitely ok.