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Cassette | Theme - Narrative
Cassette | Mixed Genre

to: nicholas -- w/: audacity

Side A
Artist Song
Bruce McCulloch  Acid Radio 
Arab On Radar  The Inventor 
Mclusky  No New Wave No Fun 
Dinosaur Jr.  Repulsion 
The Smiths  Miserable Lie 
The Stooges  I Wanna Be Your Dog 
Non-Prophets  Damage 
Big Black  Passing Complexion 
TV On The Radio  Satellite 
The Rapture  House Of Jealous Lovers 
Lightning Bolt  13 Monsters 
Andre 3000  Dracula's Wedding 
Side B
Mahi Mahi   Downtown 
Chinese Stars  Sick Machine 
Yeah Yeah Yeahs  Pin 
The Cure  The Walk 
Black Eyes  Speaking In Tongues 
Six Finger Satellite  Rabies (Baby's Got The) 
Gang Of Four  Ether 
Liars  Steam Rose From The Lifeless Corpse 
The Pixies  Isla De Encanta 
Fugazi   Waiting Room 
Xiu Xiu  Ian Curtis Wishlist 
Bruce McCulloch  Lift Me Up 


A while ago, my friend Nick and I decided we should make mix tapes for each other. His took a few days and mine took about two weeks. Somehow his has more songs though. Whatever.


metaoctave (ryan)
Date: 1/11/2004
xiu xiu always gets a thumbs up from me. good deal!

Date: 1/13/2004
Great mix! The Lightning Bolt-OutKast mix intrigues me. It's amazing how Lightning Bolt goes with a whole lot of genres.