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tonight in some dream

Side A
Artist Song
specifics  midwest product 
the american analog set  hard to find 
the capsules  they all went quietly 
versus  crazy-maker 
heavenly  by the way 
lou barlow  caterpillar girl 
iron & wine  such great heights 
ben gibbard  thriller (live) 
dennis driscoll  i'm in love with a ghost 
mirah  birthday present 
mike doughty  the only answer 
jonah matranga  birthday 
red house painters  all mixed up 
lullaby for the working class  asleep on the subway 
isis  maritime 
Side B
the appleseed cast  the spider wall 
the one am radio  ninety-nine, one hundred 
the jim yoshii pile-up  birthday cake 
the dismemberment plan  crush 
the color turning  this is how that feels 
aqualung  another little hole 
carissa's wierd  all apologies and smiles, yours truly, ugly valentine 
the maccabees  ghost and hollow eyes 
geoff farina  the united states 
azure ray  safe and sound 
john lennon  working class hero 
elliott smith  jealous guy (live) 
chris staples  everybody has a middle name 
explosions in the sky  your hand in mine 


january 2004; i made this for a friend's birthday. i took the title from the geoff farina song, although the other day i realized i fucked it up because the lyric is "hey girl, there's nothing that i'd rather do than lay my head right next to you and meet you in between tonight and some dream". haha, oh well. this is generally very calm and pretty, and is mostly just songs i've been really into lately with some birthday-themed songs interspersed.


Date: 1/12/2004
I love this tape, Kayte, like I love you. It is so good that I've been listening to it constantly! Thank you!
Date: 1/26/2004
This is great. Red House Painters, The Appleseed Case, The Dismemberment Plan, and Azure Ray are some of my favorites.
Date: 12/16/2004
great azure ray pick.
delia death
Date: 7/13/2008
I've been looking for this song for 4 years and didn't know who did it.
Thanks to you titling your mix"tonight in some dream" It's what pulled up when i typed it in.
Someone made me a tape with that song on it,I never knew the artists name.
You've made my year!