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Fury Road: A Mad Max Tribute

Side A
Artist Song
AC/DC  Highway to Hell 
Queen  I'm in Love With My Car 
Motorhead  Iron Horse 
PJ Harvey  M-Bike 
The Scientists  Leadfoot 
Die Haut w/Nick Cave  Truck Love 
feedtime  I Wanna Ride 
Big Black  Racer-X 
Scraping Foetus off the Wheel  Anything (Viva!) 
Walkingseeds  Life vs. Filth 
Head of David  Snuff Rider M.C. 
Fang  Landshark 
Naked Raygun  Peace Maker 
Side B
The Stranglers  Nuclear Device 
The Jesus and Mary Chain  The Living End 
The Birthday Party  Dead Joe 
Drunks With Guns  Cowboy 
Cosmic Psychos  Dead Roo 
The Anti-Nowhere League  World War III 
Mudhoney  The Farther I Go 
Killdozer  A Man's Gotta Be a Man 
Sonic Youth  In the Kingdom #19 
Lydia Lunch  Still Burning 
Salamander Jim  Black Star 
Hunters and Collectors  Tow Truck 
L7  Fast 
Iggy & the Stooges  Search and Destroy 


A caveat: If you want to enjoy the DEFINITIVE Mad Max/Road Warrior tribute mix, see "Master Blaster Listen to the Law! A ROAD WARRIOR Theme Mix" by stripey357. It was the complete and utter inspiration for this.
This is a visceral mix of violence, speed, death and sex that are the Mad Max movies. I also made a point of showcasing appropriate Australian artists (there are plenty to choose from). So, "Dead Joe" was obvious, as was "Leadfoot," "Black Star," "I Wanna Ride," "Tow Truck" and "Dead Roo." Other moments, such as Lydia singing "take the wheel of the world and drive" and Roger Taylor praising his wheels, should hopefully go with the general flow. Enjoy.
P.S. The title is swiped from the proposed 4th Mad Max movie.
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Geoffrey Holland
Date: 1/12/2004
Date: 1/13/2004
This looks F****N nasty! I think Stripey would like this. Thumbs up to Die Haut/Cave Track..Stranglers etc...excellent!
p the swede
Date: 1/25/2004
nasty stuff