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A B-Movie Trilogy: Disc Two - The Fallout Disc

Artist Song
Howe Gelb w/ Marie Frank  Blood Orange 
Modest Mouse  Doin' the Cockroach [live] 
Radiohead  The Amazing Sounds of Orgy 
Grandaddy  Glassy Dust 
Death Cab for Cutie  Gridlock Caravans 
The Black Heart Procession  Once Said at the Fires 
Giant Sand  Satellite 
Amon Tobin  El Wraith 
Talking Heads  Life During Wartime [live] 
Guided By Voices  Do the Earth 
Sparklehorse  Ghost in the Sky 
The Mountain Goats  Tulsa Imperative [live] 
Galaxie 500  Listen, the Snow is Falling 
Future Sound of London  Everyone in the World Is... 
Cat Power  In this Hole [The Covers Record version] 
The Flaming Lips  After the Gold Rush [Neil Young cover] 
Built to Spill  Randy Described Eternity 


This is the second volume of an epic three-disc homage to B-movie science fiction, from classic films like The Day the Earth Stood Still, The Time Machine, and Year Zero, to modern films such as Independence Day that would rate B-movie status if not for their mammoth budgets. It was made for a friend.

Disc Two Story Overview

The pair roam through devastated cities and countryside, surviving for awhile through force of wit and random chance. But predictably, they eventually let their guard down, and are spotted by an alien patrol craft in a farm field. The craft attacks them, killing the woman and seriously wounding the man. He finds enough strength to bury her as the first snows of the nuclear winter fall around him, and then collapses in the burnt out foundations of a farmhouse. A crazed, former astrophysicist finds him there and takes him to the hidden bunker he's maintaining, where he dresses the guy's wounds. When the guy awakens, the scientist explains how one of his deep space radio transmissions likely alerted the aliens to our civilization's presence.


All three discs are packaged in a single custom-built gatefold jacket made of boxboard and wrapped in aluminium foil. The cover images were inkjetted onto transparencies, cut to a narrow width and wrapped vertically around each panel, leaving enough slack to allow the images to "float" above the foil. The effect is much like the old handheld lcd-display video games from Tiger, where the lcd screen was mounted above a fixed graphic backdrop, and if you held the game unit at a certain angle the lcd images would cast separate shadows onto the backdrop.
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Date: 1/13/2004
No, no, no! No, it's drifting away. There was a great apocalyptic feel to the 1st disc; bleak isolation, or at least the edge of it. But this is dumbing down now, or so it feels to me. Wait a sec... Ah, this is all part of the scheme, isn't it? This is, this is what you've been planning all along. I'm hesitating now, but still willing to follow. Things are starting to look funny, however. Out.
Midnight Rambler
Date: 1/13/2004
Very ambitious. Great narrative.
Date: 1/13/2004
I don't know much of this but it looks great...fantastic art work!