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A B-Movie Trilogy: Disc One - The Invasion Disc

Artist Song
Jeff Wayne  Eve of the War [Hybrid mix of a song from the War of the Worlds Musical] [edited for length] 
The Magnetic Fields  Strange Powers 
Yo La Tengo  Deeper into Movies 
The Surftones with Johnny Red  We Saw Them in the Sky 
Bernard Herrmann  Klaatu [from The Day the Earth Stood Still ost] 
Guided By Voices  Hardcore UFOs 
Hefner  The Fear 
Laika and the Cosmonauts  Experiment in Terror 
Amon Tobin  Back from Space 
Giant Sand  Iron Man [Black Sabbath cover] 
Sonic Youth  Silver Rocket 
Mogwai  Like Herod [Alec Empire's 'Face the Future' remix] 
Future Sound of London  Herd Killing 
Guided By Voices  Striped White Jets 
Grandaddy  What Can't Be Erased 
Six By Seven  Ten Places to Die 
Bjork  Joga 
Giant Sand  No Reply 
Godspeed You Black Emperor  Rockets Fall on Rocket Falls [first movement only] 
The Mountain Goats  Warm Lonely Planet 


This is the first volume of an epic three-disc homage to B-movie science fiction, from classic films like The Day the Earth Stood Still, The Time Machine, and Year Zero, to modern films such as Independence Day that would rate B-movie status if not for their mammoth budgets. It was made for a friend.

Disc One Story Overview

A man and a woman are drawn together just as alien fleets appear in the skies above major cities. At first, people are mystified by these strange, silent behemoths hovering above them. Soon, however, the axe falls, and Earth's civilization is obliterated. The pair manage to survive all this of course.


All three discs are packaged in a single custom-built gatefold jacket made of boxboard and wrapped in aluminium foil. The cover images were inkjetted onto transparencies, cut to a narrow width and wrapped vertically around each panel, leaving enough slack to allow the images to "float" above the foil. The effect is much like the old handheld lcd-display video games from Tiger, where the lcd screen was mounted above a fixed graphic backdrop, and if you held the game unit at a certain angle the lcd images would cast separate shadows onto the backdrop.
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Date: 1/13/2004
Jeebus, you put a whole shit-load of work into this. Why is it always a man + a woman drawn together? Why is it that the inevitable obligation of pro-creation ALWAYS comes into play? How the hell does it all work out? This is really brill. I think I can see where you're going, + I like it. Out.