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So what if your jeans are torn, they've been torn since Bros were cool...

Artist Song
Blue Orchids  The Long Night Out 
Franz Ferdinand  Van Tango 
Denim  Ape Hangers 
Lene  It's Your Duty 
Ryan Adams  Voicemail for Jim DeRogatis 
The Killers  Jenny 
Local Operator  Mumbo Way 
Selfish Cunt  British is Shit 
Wire  A Serious of Snakes 
Felt  I Worship the Sun 
Menswear  Every Sounds a Melody 
The Cooper Temple Clause  Talking to a Brick Wall 
The Wolfhounds  Anti-Midas Touch 
Scott Walker  Montague Terrace (in Blue) 
Crush  Jellyhead (motiv 8's pumphouse remix) 
The Times   Miss London 
Julian Cope  Necropolis 
Go-Kart Mozart  She Tore it up and Walked Away 
Magazine  I wanted your Heart 


Third in the series I made for last weekend's excursion to Manchester- can you tell that I've been rather obsessed with Franz Ferdinand/ the Killers and all of Lawrence's output?... Lene's song is possibly the best single of this year- the chorus is "it's your duty, duty/ to shake that booty, booty" - how good is that?


p the swede
Date: 1/13/2004
looks good as usual, love your magazine pick
Date: 1/14/2004
Love the Julan Cope, Magazine, Felt and Wire cuts 'specially. Don't know what's so great about this boring little band with the stupendously stupid double-effin' name, though.
Rob Conroy
Date: 1/14/2004
Love the Felt, Magazine, Cope, Scott, Denim and Wire picks.