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d e p t h.3

Artist Song
parkin/die  nitre 
monolake  credit 
trent reznor  quake 1.0, track 5 
delerium  wavelength 
bowie/reznor  V-6 Mix 
plastikman  lost/disconnect 
jeff greinke  sunday afternoon 
saul stokes  the bright tones (even brighter) 
sevath & sevalis  conditioning 


Part 3 of 4; Dangerous, site crashing Techno & dark, caustic ambience...(careful now...) ~:-0
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Date: 1/13/2004
I have to have all four of these, Gene. At your leisure. Can I send you some haggis, or a set of bagpipes perhaps?
Date: 1/14/2004
I could send you some Guinness in an envelope...?
Date: 1/16/2004
Sounds as if the bastard sons of Sylvian & Eno got together for the first two tracks, and I'm a big fan of bastard sons. It continues in this vein for quite some time..,aural pleasure-headphone music. By the time you get to plastikman ("..I try, in vain, to disconnect ...my brain....")you are not prepared for the simple beauty of the greinke track. And the "conditioning" track, by sevath & sevalis, is downright poppy in this context! Another g.a.b.'ian cold-pressed flight of futuristic fancy. Full o' depth....