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June 2013

Artist Song
Taj Mahal  Fishin' Blues  
Taj Mahal  She Caught the Katy and Left Me a Mule to Ride  
Taj Mahal  Queen Bee  
Taj Mahal  Johnny Too Bad  
Taj Mahal  Dust My Broom  
Taj Mahal  Frankie and Albert  
Taj Mahal  You're Going to Need Somebody On Your Bond  
Taj Mahal  (Clara) St. Kitts Woman  
Taj Mahal  The Celebrated Walkin' Blues  
Taj Mahal  Crossing (Lonely Day)  


Since Apple no longer supports any of its prior features and has ruined all that it once had, why bother? Wasnt it amazing youd play a song, any song, and a list of songs and albums you might like would appear! And they eliminated that to set up the static never changing Genius Recs you have to go to the store to find-and then most of the recs are entire albums and related in some vague way that I dont get the connection half the time. They had Celebrity playlists-where you could quickly look at ten or so songs some comedian or musician liked/influenced by, but, that turned into an interminable podcast where you had to listen to a musician drone on for thirty minutes-all very find but useless for someone seeking to discover songs, and the artists turned from an electic bunch into ever more main stream with predicatable likes-whatever the current top ten sellers were with a Duke Ellington thrown in to show they had depth. Early on you could play display an album and beside it would be playlists with that song on it, and often follow it to discover a music afficianado from whom you could discover all sorts of interesting things, thats eliminated. Every great idea either eliminated or shaved down to a hollow and useless reminant, but most just axed completely. Even the search engine, its gotten worse with every single version of iTunes, its amazing youd think, theyd have to mess up once and leave a great feature but no, theyve succeeded in making iTunes bascially a pain, that you really have to work at, nothings intuitive, nothing pops out that makes you smile, youd think Wal-Mart had purchased iTunes or some defunct politburo from the Soviet Union. Its nice to have but frustrating that it gets worse several times a year inexorably. It also turns out our songs are only rented, that theyll all be taken back, so no one will ever have a song collection except Apple. Ive bought abo