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one foot infront of the other

Side A
Artist Song
The Smiths  How Soon is Now? 
Fiona Apple  Shadow Boxer 
The Cure  The Lovecats 
Matthew Good  Avalanche 
Placebo  36 Degrees 
David Bowie  Changes 
Ours  Outside 
Side B
Pilate  Into your Hideout 
Marilyn Manson  Long Hard Road out of Hell 
David Usher  St. Lawrence River 
The Pet Shop Boys  Home and Dry 
Tori Amos  Playboy Mommy 
Jack Off Jill  Girlscout 
Gilbert O'Sulliven  Alone Again (Naturally) 
Silverchair  Miss you love 


This was a mix I was making for my new boss. She's a great friend and was just promoted! I'm very excited for her. I've decided not to give it to her because she probably wouldn't know what to do with it. Oh well. The Silverchair song gets cut off.
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