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CD | Theme - Depression
CD | Mixed Genre
CD | Theme - Depression

Something to Fall Back On

Artist Song
The Rolling Stones  Start Me Up 
Jon Lennon  Instant Karma! 
Queen  Killer Queen 
The Beatles  Here Comes the Sun 
Jimi Hendrix  All Along the Watchtower 
Led Zeppelin  Black Dog 
Queen  Under Pressure 
The Beatles  Strawberry Fields 
Pink Floyd  Comfortably Numb 
The Moody Blues  Nights in White Satin 
Jefferson Airplane  White Rabbit 
The Doors  Break on Through 
Guns n' Roses  Sweet Child O' Mine 
The Who  My Generation 
Styx  Renegade 
Queen  Another One Bites the Dust 
The Rolling Stones  Paint it Black 
Led Zeppelin   Kashmir 
Crossroads  Cream 
The Who  Baba O' Riley 


If you're just getting into classic rock, this mix is perfect. every song is a classic favorite and a gateway to the greater realm of music.
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