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Artist Song
britney spears  shadow 
mariah carey  bringing on the heartache 
sarah mclachlan  stupid 
pink  just like a pill 
no doubt  happy now? 
lisa loeb   stay 
paula cole  nitzsche's eyes 
kathleen edwards  hockey skates 
blink 182  i miss you 
afi  silver and cold 
further seems forever  just until sundown 
our lady peace  do you like it? 
linkin park  in the end 
matchbox twenty   bed of lies 
bruce springsteen   you're missing 
backstreet boys  i want it that way 
bbmak  love is leaving 
vertical horizon  goodbye again 
patti smyth and don henley  sometimes love just ain't enough 


conventional pop music usually makes me sick. especially britney. but that song captured how i was feeling this past weekend. not entirely well. kind of down about a lot of things. relationships i am in in my life. better now. but the cd still works well when you are feeling unwanted.