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Sell me your kingdom for a coat.

Side A
Artist Song
Lush  Light From a Dead Star (Split, 1994) 
Dinosaur Jr  Freak Scene (Bug, 1990) 
The Only Ones   Another Girl, Another Planet (The Only Ones, 1978) 
The Psychedelic Furs  The Ghost in You (Mirror Moves, 1984)  
The Jesus and Mary Chain  Some Candy Talking (Psychocandy, 1985) 
Catherine Wheel   Black Metallic (Ferment, 1992) 
Echo and the Bunnymen  Bring on the Dancing Horses (Songs to Learn and Sing, 1985) 
Spiritualized  Sway (Lazer Guided Melodies, 1996) 
The Church   Under the Milky Way (Starfish, 1988) 
Ride   Vapour Trail (Nowhere, 1990) 
Side B
The Heart Throbs  Dreamtime (Cleopatra Grip, 1990) 
The Psychedelic Furs  Alice's House, (Mirror Moves, 1984) 
Curve  Ice that Melts the Tips (Doppelganger, 1992) 
My Bloody Valentine  Soon (Loveless, 1991) 
Siouxsie and the Banshees  Dazzle (Hyaena, 1984) 
Stereolab  Des Etoiles Electronic (Mars Audiac Quintet, 1994) 
The House of Love  Shine On ("Butterfly", 1990) 
The Smiths  There Is A Light That Never Goes Out (The Queen is Dead, 1986) 
The Cure  Charlotte Sometimes (Staring at the Sea, 1986) 
Cocteau Twins  Blue Bell Knoll (Blue Bell Knoll, 1988) 


A collection of mid-eighties to early nineties (mostly) British indie. Lots of effects pedals; delay, chorus, fuzz etc. Compiled for a girl Iused to know. We dnaced to some of these and did other stuff to others. The title is just one of these phrases that bubbles up into your brain sometimes. Seemed appropriate.
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Date: 1/23/2004
wow, very cool
Minnesota Sorta Nice
Date: 1/23/2004
Ahhhhh...that Psychedelic Furs "Mirror Moves"---thanks for reminding me of doing "other things" to that tape.....ahhhh...high school....Great job with this.
Date: 1/23/2004
This looks great!