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CD | Mixed Genre
CD | Mixed Genre
CD | Mixed Genre

No Counterfeit

Artist Song
Das Radio  Romanticore 
Cat Power  He War 
The New Pornographers  The Laws Have Changed 
Pixies  Velouria 
Yo La Tengo  Nuclear War 
Pretty Girls Make Graves  All Medicated Geniuses 
Coheed and Cambria  The Crowing 
Ted Leo and the Pharmacists  The High Party 
The Church  Under The Milky Way 
Yo La Tengo  Today Is The Day (EP version) 
Ted Leo and the Pharmacists  Under The Hedge 


I got a radio show on the campus station, and this disc helped me a little with my playlist (especially to get the Das Radio song).


Date: 1/23/2004
Yeah..Cat Power, she chills my world when everything runs amuck. Cheers!