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Jallers rebellion

Artist Song
Martin ODonnell & Michael Salvatori  Tip of the Spear  
Steve Jablonsky  Arrival to Earth  
Martin ODonnell & Michael Salvatori  Halo  
Marty ODonnell & Michael Salvatori  Halo Theme Mjolnir Mix  
Stephen Rippy  Just Ad Nauseam  
Steve Jablonsky  Gears Keep Turning  
Michael Salvatori & Martin ODonnell  Three Gates  
Michael Salvatori & Martin ODonnell  Finish the Fight  
Steve Jablonsky  Nest (Contains Instrumental Excerpt) [From "New Divide" Written and Performed By Linkin Park]  
Linkin Park  New Divide  
Neil Davidge  Belly of the Beast  
Kazuma Jinnouchi  117  
Jesper Kyd  The Brotherhood Escapes