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"My Train Of Thought Went Off The Rails": A Squeeze Retrospective 1985-1998

Artist Song
Squeeze  By Your Side 
Squeeze  King George Street 
Squeeze  Hits Of The Year 
Squeeze  Love's A Four Letter Word 
Squeeze  Footprints 
Squeeze  Cigarette Of A Single Man 
Squeeze  If It's Love 
Squeeze  Peyton Place 
Squeeze  She Doesn't Have To Shave 
Squeeze  Can Of Worms 
Squeeze  Maidstone 
Squeeze  The Truth 
Squeeze  House Of Love 
Squeeze  Walk A Sraight Line 
Squeeze  Some Fantastic Place 
Squeeze  It's Over 
Squeeze  Electric Trains 
Squeeze  Grouch Of The Day 
Squeeze  Play On 
Squeeze  To Be A Dad 


Maybe I'm out of my gourd, but I find myself really getting into VH1's Bands Reunited. Although I wouldn't call myself a fan of any of the bands featured thusfar, I find it interesting when the bands get together and try to figure out where it all went wrong. This show really had the potential to take on a really snarky, mocking tone. A "From top ten hits to the Ramada Inn" type of thing. Kudos to the host for either being a fan of or doing his homework on the bands and keeping things respectful.
Friday night 1/30, Squeeze will be featured on the show. I imagine most people lost touch with this band when Jools Holland left (for the 1st time). So, anyway, I thought I'd compile a CD of some of the best work from mid to late era Squeeze. There may not be anything on here that Burger King will use to sell Whoppers, but there's some pretty good stuff nonetheless.


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Date: 2/16/2004
That VH-1 deal was great...Squeeze was one of my favs, a good live band as well...Muttonchops huh?