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Artist Song
Sonata Arctica  Wildfire  
Kamelot  Ghost Opera  
Kamelot  Anthem  
DragonForce  Through the Fire and Flames  
Johnny Cash  I Came to Believe  
My Chemical Romance  This Is How I Disappear  
My Chemical Romance  The Sharpest Lives  
My Chemical Romance  Welcome to the Black Parade  
Coheed and Cambria  Far  
Coheed and Cambria  World of Lines  
Coheed and Cambria  Pearl of the Stars  
Blind Guardian  Skalds & Shadows  
Coheed and Cambria  The Crowing  
Coheed and Cambria  A Favor House Atlantic  
Coheed and Cambria  The Light & the Glass  
Nobuo Uematsu  Terras Theme  
Nobuo Uematsu  Zanarkand  
Nobuo Uematsu  Suteki Da Ne (Isnt It Wonderful?)  
Van Canto  I Stand Alone  
Van Canto  Starlight  
Camera Obscura  Pen and Notebook  
Camera Obscura  I Dont Do Crowds  
Emilie Autumn  Juliet  
Emilie Autumn  Castle Down  
Emilie Autumn  Save You  
Emilie Autumn  What If  
Imogen Heap  Hide and Seek  
The Coasters (aka The Robins)  Little Red Riding Hood  
The Format  Sore Thumb  
The Format  On Your Porch  
Acid House Kings  She Keeps Hoping  
Acid House Kings  One Two Three Four  
Nightwish  Storytime  
The Countdown Singers  Black Velvet Band  
The Countdown Singers  Seven Drunken Nights  
The Countdown Singers  Arthur McBride  
The Countdown Singers  Danny Boy  
Mortal Love  Senses  
Krypteria  All Systems Go  
Krypteria  The Night All Angels Cry  
Falconer  The Clarion Call  
The Birthday Massacre  Red Stars  
My Chemical Romance  Famous Last Words  
Coheed and Cambria  Justice In Murder  
Lecrae  Free from It All (feat. Mathai)  
Lecrae  Tell the World (feat.Mali Music)  
Lecrae  Lucky Ones (feat. Rudy Currence)  
The Postal Service  Such Great Heights  
Rhapsody of Fire  Silent Dream  
Paramore  Emergency  
Paramore  Conspiracy