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The Terminally Sad Bastard Mix Disk 2: Heart in My Mouth

Artist Song
Joseph Arthur  In the Sun 
Bright Eyes  Haligh, Haligh, A Lie, Haligh 
Matthew Good  Strange Days 
Radiohead  A Wolf at the Door 
Counting Crows  Perfect Blue Buildings 
Sevenball  Silver Chair 
Owen  The Ghost of What Should've Been 
Elliott Smith  Pitseleh 
Turin Breaks  Underdog (Save Me) 
James Brown  Try Me 
Ryan Adams   Come Pick Me Up 
Unbelievable Truth  Stone (demo) 
Coldplay  See You Soon 
Red House Painters  Song for a Blue Guitar 
Jeff Buckley  Lover, You Should've Come Over 
songs: ohia  Love Leaves its Abusers 
Modest Mouse  Third Planet 
Guided by Voices  Hold on Hope 


36 songs for all drunken, lonely, maudlin, self-pitying, or angst-writing occasions. Inspiration came from my best friend C., who turned me on to at least half of these bands, and whose musical tastes scream Sad Bastard, whether or not he is one.


I like.
Date: 2/3/2004
I can't wait to hear Matt followed by Radiohead. Oy. And how deprived do I feel, having never heard the Ryan Adams one? Seems like *everybody's* in love with that song.
rosy red berry
Date: 2/13/2004
you should consider entering my contest. it's listed under "you haven't got the balls..."
Date: 3/5/2004
this is a great mix. i dig.
Adam Bristor
Date: 5/17/2004
That is a great Ryan Adams song.