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only a man can make a girl A KILLER

Artist Song
olivia   bizounce 
linkin park  faint 
limp bizkit   break stuff 
silverchair   israel's son 
smashing pumpkins   fuck you [[an ode to no one]] 
billy talent  the ex 
three days grace  i hate everything about you 
saves the day  rocks tonic juice magic 
taking back sunday  there's no i in team 
blink 182   shut up 
default  deny 
our lady peace  do you like it? 
nirvana  rape me 
hole   violet 
holly mcnarland  numb 
no doubt  happy now? 
dashboard confessional  the best deceptions 
alanis morrisette  you oughta know 
christina aguilera  fighter 
savage garden   gunning down the romance 


made this this morning. because i was really angry. at men in general. i'm really in an "i don't need 'em" mood, you know? cause really. right now i don't. and the title is oh so true.


Date: 2/4/2004
What made you feel this way??
Date: 2/5/2004
What the hell did WE do? I really like this mix... well, at least half of it. The "girl power" crap is making me shake my head. Why is it that when guys get dumped/break up with someone, they listen to sad songs of love lost. When chicks dump/break up with guys, it's all angry/hate men/don't need any of 'em stuff? Men ARE assholes, but women are crazy. Still, this IS a good mix. Out.
Date: 2/5/2004

i'm not mad at all men. i'm not swearing them off. men are assholes, women are crazy yes. but there are two in my life right now that are just fucking things up!

i'm sure women make you feel the same way.

but thanks for liking my mix!

p.s. i hate the girl power thing too. feminism sucks.
Date: 2/5/2004
We're bastards, I'll admit it. But hey, you could always try playing for the other team. Maybe if the guys are pissing you off, you should give your fellow ladies a try. See, now you're smiling. Maybe we men ARE useful for something after all...mildly amusing antecdotes on music-based web pages. Not much more than that though. Groovy mix, Cheers! -AF.
Date: 2/5/2004
PS...Points for omitting the Britney and Mariah this time ;) Cheers! -AF.
French Connection
Date: 2/5/2004
si vous ne recontrT pas l'homme de votre vie? Mais un bonne mTlange.