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CD | Mixed Genre
CD | Mixed Genre
CD | Mixed Genre
CD | Theme - Depression

winterheart (the lunch special with hot chocolate)

Artist Song
alicia keys  you don't know my name 
sebadoh  on fire 
death cab for cutie  transatlantacism 
takako minekawa  plash 
neutral milk hotel  my dream girl don't exist 
neko case  set out running 
tricky  your name 
wrens  this boy  
belle and sebastian  slow graffiti 
built to spill  the weather 
ryan adams  wonderwall 
pavement  in the mouth of a desert 
yeah yeah yeahs  maps 
sigur ros   ( ) - track one 
belle and sebastian  gigantic (pixies cover - live) 
belinda carisle  heaven is a place on earth 


first mix for my new-ish beau. the alicia keys song is a sort of inside joke and i sang "heaven is a place on earth" at karaoke for him. the rest is a mix of stuff i know he'll like (the b&s - esp. the pixies cover i know he hasn't heard, and the rare-ish neutral milk hotel)and stuff he is sketchy on, but not entirely opposed to. me, i'm opposed to ryan adams generally, but god, do i love that oasis cover. shit, is it good. i hope this is a passable first mix for a boy i adore... we'll see.