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CD | Mixed Genre
CD | Mixed Genre

There Is No Cure For Me But You

Artist Song
Bush  Body 
Linkin Park  Points of Authority 
Alanis Morissette  Head Over Feet 
The Starting Line  Best of Me 
Tori Amos  Bells For Her 
Our Lady Peace  4 AM 
Better Than Ezra  Get You In 
Aimee Mann  Save Me 
Ben Folds Five  The Luckiest 
Coal  Stay 
Incubus  I Miss You 
Further Seems Forever  I Am 
Foo Fighters  Everlong 
Jets to Brazil  Sweet Avenue 
Jimmy Eat World  For Me This Is Heaven 
Something Corporate  If I Die 
The Shins  Ghost of an Unkissed Kiss 
Juliana Theory  Goodnight Starlight 



Minnesota Sorta Nice
Date: 2/6/2004
Nice. Sorta sad, sorta longing...i think this flows nicely.
Date: 7/31/2005
I agree, I really love this mix. Better than Ezra, Incubus and OLP picks are my favorite.