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CD | Blues - Classic Blues

Corleone Hold the Throne

Artist Song
Big L  Flamboyant 
Big L feat Kid Capri  Put it On 
Big L  '98 Freestyle 
Big L feat 2pac  Deadly Combination 
Big L  Holdin' It Down 
Big L  Street Struck 
Big L feat Big Daddy Kane  Platinum Plus 
Big L feat Kool G Rap  Fall Back 
Big L and Jay Z  7 minute freestyle 
Big L feat Mcgruff  The Union 
Big L feat Fat Joe  The Enemy 
Big L feat Jay Z  Da Graveyard 
Big L  '98 Freestyle part 2 
Big L  MVP 
Big L feat DITC  Thick 
Big L  Ebonics 
Big L  Casualties of a Dice Game 
Big L feat Fat Joe  Way of Life 
Big L  Last Freestyle 


This one is dedicated to the mighty Big L. Though he only put out two albums before being murdered in 1999, Big L is one of the most slept-on emcees of all time. He's got incredible inflection, the hardest lyrics and without question one of the smoothest deliveries of all time. It's too bad that nearly everyone he raps with sounds like an amateur next to him.
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justin hofer1
Date: 2/8/2004
damn i forgot a few...
school days, the heist, clinic, all black, no endz no skinz