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rommel, you magnificent bastard. i read your book!

Artist Song
radiohead  the bends 
brian eno  another green world 
aphex twin (original mix by philip glass) (cover of david bowie)  heroes (aphex twin remix) 
joy division  isolation 
nirvana  on a plain 
interpol  nyc 
godspeed you black emperor!  storm: levez vos skinny fists comme antennas to heaven; gathering storm 
pink floyd  comfortably numb 
air  remember 
DISC TWO BEGINS  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 
the velvet underground  sunday morning 
pink floyd  echoes 
the shins  caring is creepy 
the apples in stereo  the shiney sea 
jefferson airplane  embryonic journey 
the rolling stones  sympathy for the devil 
the beatles  i'm only sleeping 
the jimi hendrix experience  rainy day, dream away 
bob dylan  rainy day women #12 & 35 
led zeppelin  houses of the holy 


happy valentines day all you sirs and ma'ams.
title doesn't mean much anything, i saw patton and thought it was funny. this one was made for a girl switching schools in mid-year :<


Date: 2/14/2004
And I thought the title was a reference to Sidehackers! Why didn't you put the Joy Division and Interpol back to back, too obvious? Nice which one(s) of these is not like the others on disc two.