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A Neat Little Domestic Life

Side A
Artist Song
Roxy Music  Chance Meeting 
The Ronettes  Be My Baby 
The Kinks  Little Miss Queen of Darkness 
The Coral  Dreaming of You 
Stevie Wonder  We Can Work It Out 
Crosby, Stills, & Nash  Marrakesh Express 
The Beatles  Your Mother Should Know 
of Montreal  What A Neat Little Domestic Life 
The Bee Gees  To Love Somebody 
The Beach Boys  Here Today 
100 Proof Aged In Soul  Somebody's Been Sleeping 
the dB's  The Fight 
Marianne Faithfull  Something Better (live) 
Side B
Ann Peebles  I'm Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down 
the Rolling Stones  Out of Time ('Metamorphosis' version) 
Faith No More  Easy Like Sunday Morning 
Ben Folds  Gone 
Fleetwood Mac  Never Going Back Again 
David Bowie  Pablo Picasso 
Pulp  Girls and Boys 
Jon Brion  Her Ghost 
Tom Waits  The House Where Nobody Lives 
Harry Nilsson  Think About Your Troubles 
Scott Walker  Mathilde 
The Beach Boys  The Old Master Painter/I Am Your Sunshine 
The Beatles  Two of Us 


It's not often that we go into mix-making with an idea or a concept...usually the story (or at least the unified theme) springs from nothingness, a subconscious kind of drive. But we heard Roxy Music's "Chance Meeting" and were struck immediately with the story it lent itself to. A relationship ends, perhaps in bitterness, but there are always reminders, always remnants of the past that lead one on a nostalgic journey back through a very specific time. What we have here is the story of a very typical love affair ("Here Today"), beginning in earnest ("Be My Baby," "Dreaming of You"), with the typical highs ("Your Mother Should Know") and the typical doubts ("We Can Work It Out," "Somebody's Been Sleeping") of a pair in love. There is certainly bliss at points ("Marrakesh Express," "What A Neat Little Domestic Life"), there are the inevitable disagreements ("The Fight"), the denial ("Never Going Back Again," "Easy Like Sunday Morning"), the dreams of a brighter future ("Something Better") in the face of impending doom ("Gone," "Out of Time"), a soft-spoken kind of futility ("House Where Nobody Live"). His eyes may wander ("I'm Gonna Tear Your Playhouse Down"), and so may her's ("Girls and Boys"). He might leave for a while, take a bender out on the again ("Pablo Picasso"). Or at least, live differently again. But there are reconciliations ("Mathilde"). There is a development of understanding ("Think About Your Troubles"). And whatever the outcome, whatever the end, there is a sense of peace ("Two of Us").

So, with that in mind, and if you've got the time and "resources" (whatever they may be), sequence this, pop it in your stereo, and see if you can see what we saw. It's a wild ride, if you can hit the narrative line.


**(NOTE: This mix, 79min. 46sec., was intended for CD; but the story is best divided into two "sides," hence its being categorized as a tape)
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rosy red berry
Date: 2/15/2004
adorable. i love it
Date: 2/15/2004
Good God-Wanna trade? Love this- absolutely..Nice pick on Faith No More's version of " Easy "..
Jimmy Carter Says Yes!
Date: 2/22/2004
really nice. nilsson, bee gees, db's. tops, mate.
Date: 3/14/2007
This is good! I like it. I like Graham Parker's version "Tear Your Playhouse Down". Good songs...