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disco nite @ the plastic imperial lounge--with swedish interludes

Side A
Artist Song
bertrand burgalat  quarapicho  
birdie  folk singer  
ashley park  everyone under the sun  
the rainyard  1000 years 
the action   never ever  
the nazz  never ever 
cinnamon  maybe in the next life  
edson  sunday lovely sunday 
the concretes  vacation 
shermans  my favorite cuppa 
eggstone  supermeaningfectyless 
beach boys  deirdre 
olivia tremor control  hideaway (world trade mix) 
mike levy  away from my head  
tahiti 80  easy way out  
bertrand burgalat  kim  
Side B
the fairways  phthalo blue  
loveletter  forget that girl 
the apples in stereo  look away  
ivy  i get the message  
cloudberry jam  nothing to declare  
the merrymakers  under the light of the moon  
leslies  my perfect pearl 
club 8  someday  
girlfrendo  make up 
neil armstrong  i'm so happy 
seashells  god given gift 
komeda  happyment  
the cardigans  over the water  
busy signals  clogged airways 
baxendale  contact lenses  
doktor kosmos  don't look at photographs  


The usual suspects: 60s obscurities, 60s obscurantists, and a whole lot of Swedes in cardigans with moogs and/or guitar jangle. This party is at Dvorak's house and he was apprised of the heavy dosage of sugar in advance and he confessed to needing a fix.


Falstaff Dvorak
Date: 9/24/2000
Stephen, you're definatly missing you're true calling in life. You have a gift with mixes that needs to be shared with the world. Someone should start a fund to keep you in front of two turntables fulltime.