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CD | Mixed Genre
CD | Mixed Genre

Kid B Sides

Artist Song
Radiohead  Banana Co. 
Radiohead  Molasses 
Radiohead  Palo Alto 
Radiohead  Pearly 
Radiohead  A Reminder 
Radiohead  Polyethylene (Parts 1 & 2) 
Radiohead  Melatonin 
Radiohead  How I Made My Millions 
Radiohead  Meeting People In The Aisle 
Radiohead  Follow Me Around 
Radiohead  Trans-Atlantic Drawl 
Radiohead  Kinetic 
Radiohead  The Amazing Sounds Of Orgy 
Radiohead  I Am A Wicked Child 
Radiohead  True Love Waits 


I was talking with a friend about Radiohead and brought up some of these songs and he said he'd never heard them. So I went through all my singles and made this for him. He was pretty jazzed and said it was like they had released a new album.
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Date: 2/21/2004
Radiohead is ALWAYS kickass. Always.