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"My Grandmother Dropped Acid and Hijacked a Schoolbus of Penguins..."

Artist Song
Pink Floyd  Brain Damage 
Stevie Ray Vaughan  Couldn't Stand the Weather 
Journey  Seperate Ways 
Electric Light Orchestra  Shine A Little Love 
Phantom Planet  The Happy Ending 
The Sisters of Mercy  Walk Away 
Tom Petty   Mary Janes Last Dance 
Guns n Roses  Welcome To The Jungle 
Aerosmith  Same Old Song and Dance 
The Knack  My Sharona 
Van Halen  Ain't Talkin Bout Love 
A3   Mansion on the Hill 
Orgy  Blue Monday 
AC/DC  Guns For Hire 
The White Stripes  There No Home For You Here 
Alice In Chains  Man In The Box 
Sublime  Were Only Gonna Die For Our Own Arrogance 
Nine Inch Nails  Sin 
Ace Frehley  Wiped-Out 
Motley Crue  Looks that Kill 
Poison   Fallen Angel 
The Doors  Touch Me 
The Cars  My Best Friends Girl 
The Misfits  Runaway 


Just a random mix of songs by my favorite bands. None of the songs really have the same meaning so I gave it some weirdo title.


Date: 2/21/2004
Better Off Dead kicks my ass.