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CD | Theme - Road Trip
CD | Alternative - Punk

The 72 Minute Loser Anthem

Artist Song
Alkaline Trio  Armaggedeon 
Box Car Racer  Tiny Voices 
Green Day  Basket Case 
Juliana Theory  If I Told You This Was Killing Me (Would You Even Stop) 
Good Charlotte   I Heard You 
Blink 182   Story Of A Lonely Guy 
Sublime  No woman No Cry 
Lawrence Arms   Quinteceple Your Money 
Thursday   Cross Out The Eyes 
MxPx  My Life Story 
Weezer  In The Garage 
Taking Back Sunday  Great Romances of the 20th Century 
The Used  Taste Of Ink 
Offspring  Bad Habit 
Green Day  Ha Ha You're Dead 
Frenzhal Rhomb  Sucker 
Blink 182  Waggy 
Avoid One Thing  Every Second Of Every Day 
Alkaline Trio   Take Lots With Alcohol 
No Use For A Name  Turning Japanese 


I made this before going up to Indianapolis this summer and it saved my life. Complete modern punk/emo overhaul with enough youthful rage to kickstart your summer. My friends and I listened to this thing all the time and the tape has been played so much I have to make a cd of it. Take it from me; pop this thing with the open road ahead of you and see where you go.
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