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CD | Theme - Depression
CD | Theme - Road Trip
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Ever (up & down through days)

Artist Song
Better Than Ezra  misunderstood 
Goo Goo Dolls  girl right next to me 
Train  drops of jupiter 
Tori Amos  pretty good year 
Weezer  butterfly 
Llama Famers  jessica 
New Found Glory  head on collision 
Taking Back Sunday  bike scene 
Hanson  song to sing 
Mystic  got the life 
Crash Test Dummies  in the days of the caveman 
Saves the Day  firefly 
Bob Marley  redemption song 
Cranberries  dreaming a dream 
Placebo  pure mornings 
Wilco  way down yonder in the minor key 
They Might Be Giants  particle man 
Soul Coughing  circles 
Linkin Park  mr. hart 
Tatu  all the things you said 
Green Day  she 
Five Times August  the greatest falling stars 
Third Eye Blind  slow motion 


"depression is simply anger without enthusiasm." or some crap. a lot's changed in a year.