there are two doors, the front and the back. you can choose... i just hope you dont regret it.

Artist Song
xiu xiu  crank heart 
minus the bear  lets play guitar in a five guitar band 
ted leo and the pharmacits  bridges, squares 
death cab for cutie  we laugh indoors 
all time quarterback  why i cry 
the reindeer section  ive never understood 
764 HERO  you were the long way home 
the shins  pink bullets 
camera obscura  teenager 
american analog set  hard to find 
q and not u  sleeping the terror code 
the stills  yesterday never tomorrows 
wilco   let me come home 
rocky votolato  suicide medicine 
statistics  2 am 



Date: 2/25/2004
Very nice -- that Camera Obscura song has been in my head all day...