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Meet the Shitty Beatles

Artist Song
laibach  get back 
goldie hawn  a hard day's night 
the damned  help! 
william shatner  lucy in the sky with diamonds 
helloween  all my loving 
tim curry  i will 
balsara & his singing sitars  i want to hold your hand 
husker du  ticket to ride 
the rutles  ouch!/piggie in the middle/cheese and onions 
sham 69  with a little help from my friends 
bad brains  day tripper/she's a rainbow 
peter frampton & the bee gees  getting better 
akiko kanazawa  yellow submarine 
soundgarden  come together 
meat loaf  let it be 
go home productions  beatleg bootles pt. 1 
the residents  beyond the valley of a day in the life 



Date: 2/26/2004
i can't even imagine how bad that meat loaf cover would be...but lucky in the sky is definitely the worst cover i've ever heard.
Date: 2/26/2004
i like the brains' version. now, i would really like to hear the beatles try and cover the bad brains! hehe neat mix.
no borders
Date: 2/27/2004
I think stealing the original cover art for Meet the Residents (the Meet the Beatles cover but with the boys as crayfish) would be appropriate. Any time somebody adds something by the Rez makes me happy.
Date: 2/27/2004
Nice idea!
Date: 2/27/2004
I'm laughing and impressed...I don't know if I could actually make it through the whole mix in one sitting, though.
Date: 3/25/2004
The only thing mixing from this compilation is the Spinal Tap song "Cups and Cakes." It's not a Beatles cover but it's close... You also have got to hear the Bran Flakes' version of "In My Life," you'll love it.
j casteel
Date: 4/9/2004
i know it's not originally a Beatles tune, but i once heard a version of "Twist and Shout" by Mae West that made me want to stab myself in the ears with a meat thermometer.