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It's A Very Important Dance. We're Being Graded On It...For Gym

Artist Song
Madonna  White Heat 
Pretty Poison  Catch Me, I'm Falling 
Heaven 17  Let Me Go 
New Order  Bizarre Love Triangle 
Dead or Alive  You Spin Me Round 
Berlin  No More Words 
Blondie  Heart of Glass 
Shelia E.  The Glamorous Life 
Prince and Sheena Easton  U Got The Look 
Morris Day and The Time  Jungle Love 
George Clinton  Atomic Dog 
The Go-Go's  Our Lips Are Sealed 
Duran Duran  The Reflex 
Madonna  Into The Groove 
Kylie Minogue  The Locomotion 
Kajagoogoo  Too Shy 
INXS  Need You Tonight 
Big Country  In A Big Country 


Just some music that makes me want to bust out the party dress and bananna clips and dance. Gee, I hope Jake Ryan asks me to the big school dance on Friday night!


Minnesota Sorta Nice
Date: 2/26/2004
Automobile? Automobile?....Lake....big lake. Great tunes, good luck on the dance, Molly. :-)
Date: 5/18/2004
Fun mix! Who DOESN'T want to dance to "You Spin Me Round"? :p