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Perversions of Permission

Artist Song
xiu xiu  clowne towne 
cannibal ox  metal gear 
drive like jehu  bullet train to vegas 
new pornographers  testamnet to you in verse 
the shins  kissing the lipless 
the mars volta  plague upon your hissing 
sufjan stevens  the upper peninsula 
c average  american jim 
mates of state  ha ha 
aloha  a hundred stories 
volcano, I'm still excited!  in green 
brainbombs  ass-fucking murder 
kanye west  through the wire 
liars  mr. you're on fire mr. 
enon  natural disasters 
essex green  the late great Cassiopeia 
the exploding hearts  thorns in roses 
bad religion  entropy 
les savy fav  the end 


Rough draft of DibSchmib forum Mix Tree entry #1.