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Hello Up There

Artist Song
Dan Bern  God Said No 
George Frideric Handel  Messiah, "Hallelujah" 
Inner Circle  Forward Jah Jah Children 
Beck  Little One 
Tom Waits  Way Down In The Hole (Live) 
Red Elvises  Love Is Not For Sale 
Andrews And Friends  Evil Woman 
The Kinks  Cricket 
Blur  She's So High 
Original Planet Of The Apes Soundtrack  The Revelation 
Soul Coughing  Disseminated 
Ben Folds Five  Evaporated 
Boingo  Mary 
Eels  Love Of The Loveless 
Moxy Fruvous  Down From Above 
Flaming Lips  Thank You Jack White 
Savatage  The Hourglass 
Young Dubliners  Red 
Arrogant Worms  Losing Hair Under God 
The Dukes Of Dixieland  My Inspiration 
John Hiatt  Have A Little Faith In Me 
Brother  Falling 


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Date: 3/1/2004
Alone Down There bY Modest Mouse would have fit nicely as well =)